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About These Pages....

Hello and welcome to the home of the European Microwave Newsletter (EMN). These pages contain information and links to amateur radio activities above 1 GHz. Here you will find the latest news and information on many microwave activities, as well as construction info, component availability, sound and picture files relating to microwave radio and some links to other microwave sources on the web. I will also be including some other amateur radio information and links as well, so you may be surprised what turns up on here! Enjoy the pages and please feel free to send your comments or suggestions to me here at the EMN homepage. 73 and see you on the bands!

Simon GM4PLM


Find All The Information You Need!

The EMN is currently suspended due to lack of time to edit it and the availability of upto date info via reflectors. You can find some back issues here!

Home construction plays a very important part in microwave operating. Find all the information you need on kit availability here, as well as some useful hints and tips for constructors.

 Modern microwave construction now uses the very latest RF technology. Some of the components used are covered here. You will also find component suppliers listed here.

Microwave operating is completely different from anything you might have done before.  You will find some microwave 'basics' here, as well as some useful tips for more experienced operators!


Links To Other Microwave Radio Sites



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SHF Micro Microwave electric motors SSB Electronics USA Angle Linear Co. Mini Circuits (MMICS/Microwave Components) Rogers 
PCB Materials

Svetlana Tubes (USA) Motorola Components HP Components Waters and Stanton  Speedy, Reliable Throroughly Recommended

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RF Globalnet Hands Electronics Linear Amp UK SHF Products DB6NT Kits
ES Systems

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Mainline Electronics  MI Lasers Surplus Laser Sales Digi-Key


2001 RSGB Microwave Contest Calender G0GJV Contest Logging Software

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